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WeDo SL Bloggers | Rules

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These rules apply to both  BLACK FAIR and  FETISH FAIR
For help/questions/inquiries ALWAYS message to Blogger Manager Siane Kanya (in-world).

  • You must blog MINIMUM 3 POSTS PER EDITION event (however more posts will be appreciated).
  • Use minimum 2-3 different designers per post!
              (We highly encourage you to use more than 3 designers per post) 
  • Make sure all the items are visible in your posts and that you mention the designers/store and place the event landmark. 
  • High quality pictures ONLY, please make sure they are not dark so we can clearly see the items. 
  • It's important that the first posts are published during the first week of the event, because it is a short event (only two weeks). 

  • All photos must be submitted:
           ▸ Report’s form
           ▸ Our official group of bloggers on Flickr. (

                           (Posting on our other dissemination channels will be appreciated)

In addition ...
  • Make sure you rotate the designers you promote, don't always use the same designers.
        (All of the brands participating need to be promoted equally).
  • Due to the short duration of the event (only 2 weeks), all posts must be published before the end of the edition of each event.
  • Publish the event flyer where you list current sponsors/events when you receive your acceptance note.
  • Have a group space available for the event team group.
  • Tag the event account on flickr AND tag the designers on every post you make!
             You need tag Siane Kanya and Audrey Guter in yours posts too
  • It is important that all information about the event is correct (landmark, dates, etc...).

Siane Kanya's medias:
   - Flickr:
   - Facebook:
   - Instagram:

Audrey Guter's medias:
  - Facebook:

WeDo SL Event's medias: 
  - Flickr (Official Group of Bloggers):
  - Site:
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         • Black Fair

        • Fetish Fair

Updated rules on February 20, 2022.

Just a few more things ...

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