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Fetish Fair 2018




  Kinky Event Man Cave

Blogger Search - Black Fair The Absence 2018


▒ - All photos must be of the highest quality and able to show items as clearly as possible

▒ - You need to post the Poster Event of the season in your Flickr, with the LM

▒ - You MUST have at least ONE post BEFORE the event starts, and a MINIMUM of TWO posts each week during the

event. (3 items per post), more posts are much appreciated.

▒ Images MUST be uploaded to Flickr and added to Wedo SL Group: www.flickr.com/groups/wedosl/ and Black Fair Group: www.flickr.com/groups/blackfair/

▒ - The stores and event MUST be linked on the blog post

▒ - The Event Sign NEED to be on your blog

▒ - All blogger inquiries should be directed to Guilhermedandretti / Guilhermedandretti2

▒ - Bloggers will not ask a Creator for items unless they have a working relationship with that designer

▒ - Only those accepted will be contacted

Don't send Notecards.

Please fill the form HERE !



▌ This event is organized by WeDo SL Events
• Official contacts:
        Guilherme Andretti (Blogger Manager)


OCTOBER 05, 2018

Fetish Fair 2018 - 2nd Edition

The most desired and sexy fair open the doors today. 1 PM slt. Save the Landmark!
August 03, 2018


Ascend / Asteria / Caboodle / Candy Doll / Doux / E-Clipse Design / Elegance / EMPIRE
Gabriel / Krescendo / Me / Mina Hair / Mossu / Noir / Phedora / Promagic / Purple Poses 
Salt & Pepper / Scandalize / Senses / Sintiklia / Vanilla Bae / Versov / Voluptas Virtualis


Sweet, sweet burn of sun and summer wind...

Today (June 15th - 1 pm SLT)

Bloggers Search ♥ Good Vibes Fair

Interested in working with us as a blogger? 
This post is for you ...

What is new?

We are almost halfway through the year .. and many good things are coming !!
And we're working very hard at this ...

Stay tuned!

Good Vibes Fair 2018 

• Date: June 15 to 29, 2018

The hottest time of the year is here.
Melting away the winter and sliding you into summer fun.

Fetish Fair 2nd Edition 2018 

• Date:  August 03 to 17, 2018

Open your mind to a world filled with passion and adventure.
Surrender to your deepest and most ravening secrets.

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