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Tropical Summer

 █ ▌Until June 18, 2017▐ █ 
TAXI (SLurl) 


Kinky Event  U L T R A Event

It's time to put Sunscreen! Welcome to TROPICAL SUMMER!

JUNE 02 - 1 PM SLT

Sponsors @ Tropical Summer 2017 -

Tropical Summer opens a few days ...
  ... so this is the perfect time to meet our sponsors !!

This event is being sponsored by all brands mentioned above! 
But stay tuned, we will have more than 80 other brands participating in this event!

Note:  In a few days we will post here on the website a list of all participating shops and their locations (SLurl).

... well, our designers are finalizing the last details and soon we will see many news and cool things.
I hope you guys are as excited as we are !! ;DD

Tropical Summer 2017

(Sorry, applications have already been closed!)

• Updated on May 30, 2017, by Siane Kanya.

Black Fair Continues until April 28th!

If you have not had the chance yet to visit us, come!


Black Fair 2017 is open!!

Black Fair is looking for bloggers!

 ▌Date:  March 27th - 31th


▒ - All photos must be of the highest quality and able to show items as clearly as possible
▒ - You need post the Poster Event of season in your flickr, with the LM
▒ - You MUST have at least ONE post BEFORE the event starts, and a MINIMUM of TWO posts eache weeking durin the
event. (3 items per post), more posts are much apreciate.
▒ Images MUST be uploaded to Flickr and added to Wedo SL Group: www.flickr.com/groups/wedosl/ and Black Fair 2017 Group: www.flickr.com/groups/blackfair/
▒ - All blogger inquiries should be directed to Guilhermedandretti / Guilhermedandretti2
▒ - Bloggers will not ask a Creator for items unless they have a working relationship with that designer
▒ - Only those accepted will be contacted

Please don't send NC in world. Fill the Form: 

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