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Fetish Fair 2018



  Kinky Event Man Cave

A romantic and seductive winter is upon us.

The sexy romantic trend has arrived!
A dreamy atmosphere, a hint of sensuality and some fresh finishing touches...

Are you pure and righteous? 
Or are you mischievous? 
How would you like to introduce a touch of dreamy sweetness to your sexy attitude?

Date: December 07 to 21, 2018

Join us and tell us ... 
   to be downright irresistible, should we be romantic or sexy? 
   ... or, both?!

                        • App. to Designer is open!

▌ Important Infos:

Blogger Search - Black Fair The Absence 2018


▒ - All photos must be of the highest quality and able to show items as clearly as possible

▒ - You need to post the Poster Event of the season in your Flickr, with the LM

▒ - You MUST have at least ONE post BEFORE the event starts, and a MINIMUM of TWO posts each week during the

event. (3 items per post), more posts are much appreciated.

▒ Images MUST be uploaded to Flickr and added to Wedo SL Group: www.flickr.com/groups/wedosl/ and Black Fair Group: www.flickr.com/groups/blackfair/

▒ - The stores and event MUST be linked on the blog post

▒ - The Event Sign NEED to be on your blog

▒ - All blogger inquiries should be directed to Guilhermedandretti / Guilhermedandretti2

▒ - Bloggers will not ask a Creator for items unless they have a working relationship with that designer

▒ - Only those accepted will be contacted

Don't send Notecards.

Please fill the form HERE !



▌ This event is organized by WeDo SL Events
• Official contacts:
        Guilherme Andretti (Blogger Manager)


OCTOBER 05, 2018

Fetish Fair 2018 - 2nd Edition

The most desired and sexy fair open the doors today. 1 PM slt. Save the Landmark!
August 03, 2018


Ascend / Asteria / Caboodle / Candy Doll / Doux / E-Clipse Design / Elegance / EMPIRE
Gabriel / Krescendo / Me / Mina Hair / Mossu / Noir / Phedora / Promagic / Purple Poses 
Salt & Pepper / Scandalize / Senses / Sintiklia / Vanilla Bae / Versov / Voluptas Virtualis


Sweet, sweet burn of sun and summer wind...

Today (June 15th - 1 pm SLT)

Bloggers Search ♥ Good Vibes Fair

Interested in working with us as a blogger? 
This post is for you ...

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