12 September, 2014

The winter is coming ....

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"Let's heat up this winter again!"

This is the second edition of this event that was a success and marked the beginning of  Wedo SL Events!
Aplications for Winter Trend are officially open and you can fill out here!

♥ ♥ ♥ Yeah !!!
The WeDo SL Events is doing a year old !!
Yes, we're close to celebrate a year doing wonderful events in SL.

So we're inviting you all to join us in this celebration.
It will be a great event and we will do all for it to be a huge success.!

Siane and Audrey

05 September, 2014

Vintage Sponsors!!

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Let's welcome our dear sponsors!!  \o/

This event is being sponsored by wonderful brands of SL, and each designer is committed to doing something very special for us!
Wait for many new features and amazing  items!

We're sure that this fair will be amazing!
I hope you're loving this theme as we do... and we are sure that, not only our sponsors but all of our designers, are preparing a very cool things for this event.

Soon we wil put here the all list of the designers.
Stay tuned, hun!

Siane Kanya and Audrey Guter

31 August, 2014

We want your suggestions!

We create a space for you to expose what you want to see in our Fairs in Second Life.

Your opinion is very important to us ♥


Audrey Guter and Siane Kanya

30 August, 2014

Vintage & Cool - Apps are open to bloggers!

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Apps for bloggers is now open! First you need to read all the rules and then you can fill out the app.



Any questions send a message to Scarlett Loxingly (Blogger Manager)

22 August, 2014

Next Event -> Vintage&Cool Fair

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We would like to announce our next event

Vintage &Cool Fair

▌Date: October 10 to 24

▌ About the event:

"Being vintage is super cool."

It is not today that vintage is fashionable.
Basically means something classic, antique and excellent quality.

Vintage is a lifestyle inspired by styles from the 20s to the 60s.
If we stop to think, that there will be more elegant than these times ?!
But what makes it interesting vintage is precisely the fact that the mix is current with the old merge different decades, developing a style that conveys the identity and personality.

More information about the event, click here.

Apps for Designers, click here.

Black Fashion Fair ended :(

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Black Fashion fair ended and it was wonderful! Thanks to all designers, bloggers and customers!!

Here you can get a taste of what we had in our fair.

Black Fashion Fair - Video

12 August, 2014

Black Fashion is open! Oh yeah!

Black Fashion Fair opened your doors to you a few days ago!!!
Come check out the new items that ours designers made especially for you!

The did coverage of this event and on it you can see some of the items you'll find on the Black Fashion Fair.

We await you!

Be sure to follow the post of our bloggers!
We're sure they will inspire !!
        ♥ Check out our list of bloggers here.

Siane and Audrey!
WedoSL Events \o/