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Winter Trend SL 2017



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2018 is here!

We are grateful for the year we had ...
2017 was a special year!
.. was a year filled with many good things and many victories!

... but now, now is the time of the new!
365 new days, 365 new chances, new events and new successes!

Ready for new adventures?

Winter Trend 2017

Winter Trend will open its doors today, 1 pm SLT

Save the LM HERE

It is time to prepare ourselves for cold weather.

What are we going to wear this season?
Moreover, what colors and prints are hot? 

No matter if it’s going to rain or getting cold you can always wrap yourself up in a fabulous outfit, preferably in a warm, cozy and stylish place.

Winter Trend SL 2017 is coming!


  - App to designer HERE!

▌ Important :
- Winter Trend SL 2017 - Schedule
- Winter Trend SL 2017 - Terms and Conditions

Black Fair is OPEN!!!

Oh yeah!!  The Black Fair (The Absence) is open and waiting for your visit !!
Come see what's new and exclusives that our designers have brought to this incredible event!

         October 6 to 21, 2017

 ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ Sponsors:

Ascend  • Asteria • E-Clipse Design • Empire • Entwined • Gabriel
Krescendo • Moda • Me Jewelry • N-Core • Noir • Phedora • Phoenix Hair • Purple Poses
Sabotage • Scandalize • Stray Dog • Swallow • SYS • United Colors • Voluptas Virtualis
White Widow • Zoom

Something wicked this way comes ...

Black Fair - The Absence

Lay down your inhibitions be lost in the dark, dress up your desires.

The Mood... mystery and seduction just ahead.
... and stay tuned that in a short time we will be announcing our sponsors !!

Blogger Fair - The Abscence - Blogger Search

App. to bloggers (until september 21th)

Note: Remember to read all the rules before filling out the application.
More information here!

Black Fair - The Absence

▌Date: October 06 to 20, 2017

▌ About the event:

Something  wicked this way comes...

The absence of color, the absence of restrictions,
letting go of the normal and embracing your darkness.
Are you ready to play in the dark with us. Get lost in the mystique of black.

Black is devoid of color, but never devoid of ingenuity, style or fashion.
Black is the color for mystery and intrigue.
It is simple and tasteful yet it is bold and inviting.

This October, something wicked this way comes.
A chance to show your blackened heart, delve into your creativity, pull at the shadows.

Welcome to the this years Black Fair Absence 

Lay down your inhibitions be lost in the dark, dress up your desires.
The Mood...Gather your creative soul and take a peek

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