About us ♥


WeDo Events SL is the result of the successful partnership between the
designers: Audrey Guter and Siane Kanya. Our first experience was with
the Winter Trend SL 2013 a winter event that was a success, and
inspired us to continue to create and promote events in SL.

Mission and Vision
Our mission is to make a difference and provide excellent service for
the full satisfaction of our customers/partners. And to achieve and
execute our purposes, we rely on professionalism, creativity,
innovation, and we make every effort to do so. Our vision is overcoming
the barriers every day, always looking for best possible performance.

Our time

Owner and Public Relations
SL birth date: 05/02/2008
Occupation in SL: 
Owner of Purple Poses for nearly 4 years. 
Passionate about Second Life and poses, always participated in various events within the game.
Audrey by herself:
 Think about it... 
Owner, Graphic Design and Builder
SL birth date:  12/31/2008
Occupation in SL: 
Designer and co-owner of {me.} Jewelry. 
A little shopaholic, is a girl in love with fashion, jewelry, architecture and music.  
Siane by herself:
Hmmm... think with Audrey about it ;D