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It is a sophisticated, modern, urban color,
among many other adjectives and synonyms we could give this color.

▌ NEXT! 
Date →  NOVEMBER 12th to 26th 2023

• Important Dates - BLACK FAIR (November Edition 2023)

Black is a timeless color ... this color through all epochs and never goes out of fashion.

♦ About event:
At this fair we want to show the power of black!
With imagination and creativity anything is possible.

• Theme:
As already said ... Black is our inspiration and our goal.
Black should be the predominant color of exclusive items (other colors can be used if used together with black).

♦ Important:
- Black Fair 2022 & 2023 - Terms and Conditions


▌ Questions, suggestions, or anything else you want to talk ...
Please contact us! We'll be happy to help ;D

• Information and Contacts: Wedosl Resident, Audrey Guter and Siane Kanya.

Just a few more things ...

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