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♥ For Designers - What IS and what IS NOT mandatory!!


                                        Clarifying a rule

We clarify that all designers have complete freedom to choose how your items will be sold during the event, as regards the permissions of the object.

The fact we encourage that the items to be sold at the fair does not mean that it is a rule ... is only a suggestion. It's just a way to facilitate the exchange of gifts, something that is very common in the season of Valentine's Day.

{Part of the rules are transcribed below}
 - Here you can find all the rules.

███ ▌▌  ▌ ABOUT ITEMS :

• Each designer will have to make a one (01) exclusive release for this event.

 This Is Mandatory! You must create 01 exclusive item for the fair, and this item should remain only at the Fair until the end of the event.

We strongly encourage that your items are sold with transfer permissions enabled.
  ( This would facilitate the exchange of gifts between people, something very common in this period of valentine's day)

OBS 1 = This is not mandatory.  If you do not want to put your items to transfer, you can use  scripts that allow your items to be shipped as gift to others.
OBS 2 =  You can also choose the option to not put gifts with scripts or transfer permissions.

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