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About colors ♥


The colors are part of our life with much symbolism and meanings.
Are harmoniously distributed in nature, and are always inspiring us, and transmitting sensations.


I think the monochromatic looks are super different and give a modern face to the composition, and thinking about this I decided to talk a bit about monochromatic colors.
First, I'm no expert on the subject.  
I'm a curious girl who loves to discover new things and put them into practice.

Well... let's go! 
Monochrome is the same as unicolor without color variation (various tones, but a single color). So now have to give the idea that monochromatic looks are composed of just one color.

Various tones?  Yes!! One color and various tones of this color.

♦ Chromatic effects

Manipulating the colors you can get different color effects. Among them are the following:

• Monochrome:

Corresponds to the tonal variations of one color with shades to light when mixed with white color or dark color with getting the addition of black.
Another definition that I found very interesting, says the monochrome "is the harmony achieved by the gradual addition of white or black to a single primary, secondary or tertiary color."

• Color wheel:

      1º Primary colors: The yellow, blue and red are primary colors. That is, they are pure, unmixed. It is from them that the other colors are made.

Secondary colors: The green, orange and purple are secondary colors. Each is formed by mixing two primary.
Tertiary colors: Tertiary colors are the result of mixing primary colors with secondary as exemplified in the blends below.

[click here to see several other examples of the color wheel]

▌Now the cool part of this post!!  \o/

Browsing the internet I found many examples of looks and monochrome combinations. And I'd like to share with you some of what I found most cool. 
To get it more interesting, a tip is to mix textures, patterns and materials.
I hope this inspires them with small sample ...



Eager for Monochromatic Fair?
Honestly, and I'm very excited ♥ and hope you are too.

Siane ♥

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