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Welcome aboard, bloggers!

Here you will find the list of bloggers chosen to cover this round:

Lara Tomasso Isa Chun (Isabellyveroon)
Mariela Merchiston Kallenoblush Alex
Li Aoki Jamaicasianbaby Irkisis Zinner
hump muffin (Guinevere Kirshner) Belinha Aquila
Rayan Beorn Cacau Martiel
Chary Hera (xxcharyxx) Raphael Rieth (Raahbr)
Karol Zahm Moon Juliet (Jeje Greymoon)
αℓєאָα gℓσм Ðє Ðαяkηєss (Gatubela88 Glom) Annyzinh Oliveira  (Rawany9)
Lady Vesios Duffs Kharg
Ayako Silverfall Deuce Kastro (Markus Lomes)
Fabian Queen Isidora Gant
Blushberri (xxblushxx) Anna (xanaxcontrol)

Good trip to everyone!
.. and any question please contact Katia Roffo  (FamouStation Blogger Manager) by IM or notecard in-world.

• • • 

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