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WeDo SL Events Since 2013

WeDo SL Events Since 2013

Dear friends,

We have improved and grown with every new event that we have produced over the last almost two years with WeDo.
   It's great organize events in SL, and bring together in one space many interesting people and wonderful designers. This is something that makes us very happy and proud of the work we are doing.
   And for this work never be forgotten, we decided to gather all the videos in this post so you guys can enjoy and remember these special moments.
    WeDo Events SL is a project that was created with much love and courage by the designers Audrey Guter and Siane Kanya, but without the support of many designers and bloggers who participate in our events, none of this would be possible to accomplish.

     Therefore, we thank you all, designers, blogger and above all, those who visit our events.
Thank you very much. ♥

Note: Unfortunately, we do not have the video of the first event.

♦ Click in "Read More" to see all videos ;D


1. Winter Trend 2013


2. With Love Fair 2014

3. The Monochromatic Fair

5. Black Fashion Fair 2014

6. Vintage & Cool Fair 2014

7. Winter Trend 2014


8. With Love Fair 2015

9. Black Fashion Fair 2015

10. Alice in Sexyland

11. Vintage & Cool Fair 2015

12. Pastel Goth Fair 

13. Winter Trend 2015


14. Flower Power 

15. Black Fashion Fair

16. Tropical Summer (Coming Soon)

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