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Hey dear!
Let's meet the WeDo SL Events Blogger Team, hun ?!

Here is a small sample of the work of our team for the BLACK FAIR (Edition July). 
Hope you like it!

Take some time to visit your blogs! I'm sure you won't regret it;)

WeDo SL Events Blogger Team
(Updated 07/08/2020)

Alison NV (AlisonNV)
| Amanda Randall
Anais Cristole
| Nicky Yakusa (Andymimada) 
Aurora Gelbart
| Diana Venture (DianaVenture)
Dolce Kira
| Dominae Desmoulins + Gabriel Montagne
Alan Shelby (DraacoMalfoy) 
| Lofa Iqah (Iqah05)
Mandy Kharis (julylory)
| KayKay Stine
Lannah Dollinger
| Lilah Wildrose
Mary lvl3rlin (lvl3rlin)
| Mayelai Neisser (Mayelai)
Tha Kato (thalesrhys) 
| Taliah Hayes (Taliah Davros)


Blogger Manager: Siane Kanya

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