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Black Fair 2018 - The Absence - Overview

▌ Date:
          October 05 to 19, 2018

Black Fair ... Something Wicked this way comes...

The absence of color, the absence of restrictions, letting go of the normal and embracing your darkness. Are you ready to play in the dark with us. Get lost in the mystique of black.

         Black is devoid of color, but never devoid of ingenuity, style or fashion.
         Black is the color for mystery and intrigue. It is simple and tasteful yet it is bold and inviting.

▌ About the event and theme:

This October, something wicked this way comes. A chance to show your blackened heart, delve into your creativity, pull at the shadows.

Welcome to the this years Black Fair Absence 

Lay down your inhibitions be lost in the dark, dress up your desires.
The Mood...Gather your creative soul and take a peek.

▌ Important Infos:

- BLACK FAIR 2018 - The Absence  - Schedule
- BLACK FAIR 2018 - The Absence  - Terms and Conditions

_______ • Informations and contact •________

▌ This event is organized by WeDo SL Events
• Official contacts:
                            Audrey Guter, Siane Kanya and Wedosl resident

▌ Questions, suggestions, or anything else you want to talk ...
    Please contact us!
    We'll be happy to help ;D

Just a few more things ...

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