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Black Fashion Fair 2016

This is the third edition of this event !!

▌ About the event

               Black is a timeless color ... this color through all epochs and never goes out of fashion. It is a sophisticated, modern, urban color, among many other adjectives and synonyms we could give this color.

At this fair we want to show the power of black!
With imagination and creativity anything is possible.

          • Theme:
               As already said ... Black is our inspiration and our goal.
               And black will be the color of all the exclusive items (only black or black plus other colors ... but always black color should be predominant).

The black inspires us!

  Oh yeah.... We love black!
  And because we love very much we are selecting some images and inspiring photos to animate and inspire you.

This photo gallery is not closed!
We will always be updating and adding new photos ....

Come visit our photo gallery at Pinterest ... and be inspired!

Our black posters

  ♦ About our model/photographer!  

The model and photographer of the poster for Black Fashion Fair 2016 is Isabella Brune.
She does beautiful work that you can check on her Flickr.
Be sure to also check out her blog, there you will find many cool things and interesting tips.

      Thanks Isabella Brune !!!

Event Location (land):

We build and decorate the perfect space for an event that beautiful.

(Click on the images to view larger.)


Click HERE to check out all the designers (stores) that are participating in the Black Fashion Fair and yours SLurls links.


We selected some of the best SL bloggers to follow this event.
Click HERE to see a list of all the bloggers chosen for the Black Fashion Fair 2016!

▌ Rules and calendar this event 

• Black Fashion Fair 2016 - Terms and Condition
• Black Fashion Fair 2016 - Schedule

Just a few more things ...

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