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Bloggers Rules

Some informations and rules ...

Thank you for your interest in helping us promote our events.
We really appreciate the support that you guys give us. But, we decided to create a few rules to keep this partnership pleasant and beneficial for everyone.


 - We will accept only one person per blog.
 - Your blog needs to be at least 7 months old.
 - High quality pictures - non blurry, non pixelated, the minimum required.
 - You must have a flickr account (easier for me to follow you).
 - You blog must be at least in 3 fashion feeds.
 - You are an active blogger.
 - Blogger please only contact Guilhermedandretti / Guilhermedandretti2

Post Requirements:
You MUST have at least one post before the event starts and a MINIMUM of TWO posts each week during the event. (4 items per post)

PS: You must Blog only what was sent in the group. Some designers prefer to work with their own bloggers, and you should not under any circumstances order the items for Designers.

You must post your pictures in the flickr group.

The use of tags is important for many reasons. This gives not only the blog manager (who absolutely will love you forever for using tags) an easier tool to search your blog for specific posts, but also for people searching your site and online. I highly suggest using tags as more detailed descriptions of categories.

Example of tags used:

Video and Music:
Both of those are completely acceptable to have on blogs of any type. I would refrain from having anything that auto starts when your page loads. The reasons being several, but an example of one is that some people have their headsets on and if the music starts playing really loud it could hurt their ears. Let's not damage anyone's eardrums. :P

Accepted bloggers must agree to display the event logo on their website and list WeDo SL Events as a sponsor. 

...and is required that you put the event poster somewhere in your blog during the event as well WeDo SL events logo or name in your sponsors list. 
The logo will be sent to you if accepted.

.... and that's it. ^^

Important! Very very important!
At the end of the event the bloggers MUST fill a form with the links of each posts. This will help us to keep track of the active bloggers. The bloggers that don't fill the form won't be accepted to blog the next event of WeDo SL Events.

Updated on July, 15, 2016
by WeDo SL Management team.

Siane Kanya and Audrey Guter.

Just a few more things ...

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