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Fetish Fair 2019 | 3rd Edition

(3rd Edition)

Raise your fetish to the fullest ... 

Open your mind to a world filled with passion and adventure.
Surrender to your deepest and most ravening secrets.

Come with us and discover yours.

 ▌Date:  December 13 to 27, 2019

▌ About the event: 
                         All about fetish.

▌Our posters:

♦ About our model/photographer!

Oakley Foxtrot


Azoury • Backbone • Bombshell • Breathe • Dhoma • E-Clipse Design
Elegance • Essenz • Kaithleen’s • Krescendo • Lemme • Limerence
Luas • ME jewelry • Mon Cheri • Muse • Noir • Not Found • Phedora
Ramen • Ricielli • Vanilla Bae • Vobe • Voluptas Virtualis

... and about 75 other awesome brands!


Visit our group on FLICKR [Fetish Fair]!
There you can check out the wonderful work of the bloggers specially chosen to cover this event.

▌Event Location:

We build and decorate the perfect space for an event that beautiful.
Really we hope everyone enjoyed and had fun.

         ♦  Environment and Structure ...

▌ Important Infos:

- Fetish Fair 2019 3rd Edition - Schedule
- Fetish Fair 2019 3rd Edition - Terms and Conditions

_______   Informations and contact  ________

▌ This event is organized by WeDo SL Events
• Official contacts:
                            Audrey Guter, Siane Kanya and Wedosl resident

▌ Questions, suggestions, or anything else you want to talk ...
    Please contact us!
    We'll be happy to help ;D

Just a few more things ...

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