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The Monochromatic Fair 2014

A color ... lots of possibilities!
All colors ... endless possibilities!

Get ready to discover, mix and match ...
Your creativity is the limit.

April 18 to May 02 2014

Monochromatic Designers

Monochromatic Bloggers

Photos and video!!!!

Here you can get some information of what was this fair:


Who here does not like to dress all in one color sometimes ?
Or dream with a modern and light ambient, all decorated with various shades of a unique color.
And thinking about it , we had the idea to give people a different experience ... and why not say monochromatic experience .

▌♦ Monochromatic?

Manipulating the colors you can get different color effects.
Among them is the chromatic effect... that corresponds to the tonal variations of one color, like the following picture (example only).

This are just examples,  you can find more about monochromatic outfits, accessories and decorations on google .

So.. after choice a color....
You can use a tonal variations of it, adding white color to get light shades or adding black color for darker shades.
(as in the example above where the color blue was chosen)

 More Ex:

 ♦ Monochromatic designer examples
 ♦ Monochromatic looks


▌▌▌ Important!

The Monochromatic Fair - Terms and Conditions
The Monochromatic Fair - Schedule

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Let us know if you are not interested too. Thank you!!

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