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Tropical Summer Fair 2016

Our summer was really hot and fun !!
I hope everyone had fun like us ... Thank you all !!!

Tropical Summer Fair 2016 was a perfect opportunity to start planning the summer wardrobe. In this event, our designers brought you their must-have items to compose amazing looks for this season.
And I hope you all had success at it! ^ _ ~

Date:   June 03 to June 17, 2016

☀  Theme:
       Everything related to summer, high temperatures and heat.

☀  Our posters:

             ♦ About our model/photographer!

The model and photographer of the poster for Tropical Summer Fair 2016 is Audrey Guter (owner of Purple Poses anda co-owner of WedoSL Events).
You can check her amazing work at her Flickr and blog.

 • BLOG:

Event Location (land):

We build and decorate the perfect space for an event that beautiful.

(Click on the images to view larger.)

☀ Designers:

Click HERE to check out all the designers (stores) that are participating in the Tropical Summer Fair 2016 and yours SLurls links.


We selected some of the best SL bloggers to follow this event.
Click HERE to see a list of all the bloggers chosen for the Tropical Summer Fair 2016!

 Rules and calendar this event  :

- Tropical Summer Fair 2016 - Schedule
- Tropical Summer Fair 2016 - Terms and Conditions


▌ This event is organized by WeDo SL Events

• Official contacts:
                            Audrey Guter
                            Siane Kanya
                            Wedosl resident

▌ Questions, suggestions, or anything else you want to talk ...
    Please contact us!
    We'll be happy to help ;D

Just a few more things ...

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