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Vintage&Cool Fair 2015

This event was amazing AGAIN!!

This was the second edition of Vintage & Cool \o/
We were very happy to repeat the success of the first event and we hope that all of you also had fun like us.

August 21 to September 04, 2015

About the theme:

"Being vintage is super cool."

It is not today that vintage is fashionable.
Basically means something classic, antique and excellent quality.

Vintage is a lifestyle inspired by styles from the 20s to the 60s.
If we stop to think, that there will be more elegant than these times ?!

But what makes it interesting vintage is precisely the fact that the mix is current with the old merge different decades, developing a style that conveys the identity and personality.

▌ Our vintage posters:

▌Event Location (land):

For this event to be even better, we build a beautiful and ample space, inspired by the vintage design.
Below you can see some pictures.

(Click on image to see bigger)

 • Video (by Candido Ferraris):


Click HERE you will you find a list of all the designers who participated in this event with us.

We take this opportunity to thank all the designers who have joined us on this event, especially our sponsors. Thanks to each of you!
Thanks for the support and trust which again was deposited on our team.


Thank you to all our bloggers!

This event was a success because of the work and support of each of you!

Meet the selected bloggers to help us turn this event into a success.
Feel free to meet their blogs and follow your updates.
They will certainly find many interesting things.

▌ Important infos :

        • Terms and Conditions
        • Schedule

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(by Audrey Guter and Siane Kanya)
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Just a few more things ...

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