Winter Trend SL 2016 [Schedule]


December 09 to 23


███ ▌▌  ▌ TIMELINE

November 02 - Fees must be paid.

December 02  - Setup will begin! 
                        The land will open for designers.
December 02 - Bloggers preview begins.
                        Designers may send their items to the group of this event 
                        (and to their personal blogger groups if they wish to).

December 05 -  End of setup!
                       All designers should be with their spaces ready to go.  

December 07 - WeDo SL Bloggers can visit the island.

December 08 - Early acess to the group [SL] Blogger Support

December 09 - 1PM SLT
                    WINTER TREND SL 2016 will open.

December 23  - 4PM SLT
                      WINTER TREND SL 2016 will close.

Just a few more things ...

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